Ajax wireless alarm systems

The most awarded wireless security system in Europe – Now in South Africa

About Ajax Systems

My Attendance have extensive experience installing and managing wireless home alarm systems throughout South Africa. As part of our mission to bring our customers access to the best technology,  My Attendance now provide full implementation and maintenance support for Ajax Security systems.  Ajax have introduced their revolutionary jeweller-driven wireless security system to the South African market.

Ajax systems believe that in today’s society, you shouldn’t have to live in fear . The Ajax security system is continually evolving and gives you peace of mind. Get yourself reliable and robust protection of Ajax. Know that you’re safe from harmful burglaries, fires or leaks.

Ajax is a Ukrainian company responsible for protecting over 100 000 properties worldwide.

Ajax has positioned themselves as a tech company that produce solutions at the cutting edge of technology and science.

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Why Ajax wireless Security?

  • Small to large scale wireless security systems
  • Easily installed and managed (No wiring required)
  • Highly expandable
  • User friendly and reliable

Key Ajax security features

  • Internet connected for App and SMS communication
  • Incredible battery life and transmission range for wireless detectors
  • Building and home automation
  • Integrate with security cameras using RTSP

My Attendance Ajax services

  • Ajax alarm installations Cape Town
  • Ajax alarm installations Johannesburg
  • Ajax alarm maintenance and upgrades
  • Ajax automation integration

Why My Attendance?

The My Attendance team strive to bring you the best security system technology available. We refuse to compromise on the reliability of our technology and we only specify the most capable security systems available.

Our entire range of Ajax devices have successfully undergone strenuous testing in the most harsh installation environments.

Whether you’re an enterprise seeking a solution that can manage a vast geography, or a homeowner seeking to better utilize your security system – we can provide a solution for you.

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